23 July 2024

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Rhubarb Custard Pot with Blood Orange Syrup


The excitement for rhubarb, is nothing but pure joy; an earthy and wild pinkesque glimmer of hope, a reminder that after a sturdy and sour season, with a little effort and patience, things can get sweet again.

A Simple Side Dish from The River Cafe Look Book


The latest cook book from The River Cafe is a delightful collection of achievable Italian dishes, easy to source and prepare, on your own or with the family in tow.

Recipe — A Typical Greek Squash, Feta and Oregano Pie by Daphnis and Chloe


A typical Greek recipe to try at home from Evangelia Koutsovoulou of Daphnis and Chloe.

Patter Places — Toklas


Set discreetly into an expansive side section of brutalist building 180 The Stand, new restaurant Tokla reimagines mediterranean comfort food.

P(l)atter Recipe 4 — Friendly Biscuits to Share


A sweet and as-simple-as it gets way to please your friends — and your afternoon. Baked & plated at Casa Balandra.

Patter Places — Café Deco


Café Deco is a charming new bar, restaurant and wine shop located in Bloomsbury. This low-key neighbourhood known for its intellectual and literary community is a fitting setting for this refined and welcoming spot by chef Anna Tobias (formally Rochelle Canteen and The River Cafe) and the 40 Maltby Street team.

P(l)atter Recipe 3 — A Trio of Wine Snacks


A glass of wine comes with endless snack options—so here we share a fun trio of recipes that have been hitting the right tone for our food editor Zsuzsanna Toth.

P(l)atter Recipe 2 — Banana-Ricotta Pancakes with Buckwheat, Hazelnuts and Jam


An everyday-proof recipe born out of a morning spent curiously foraging the fridge. This indulgent dish is ideal for a slow weekend morning, combining high-quality ingredients with mouth-and-mind blending textures.

P(l)atter Recipe No.1 — Puntarella Alla Romana in Her Best Dress


This salad is a colourful ode to process, marking the passing of winter, celebrating the soil, and time endured. A perfect uplifting lunch, that happily transports to an outdoor picnic with friends (soon).