07 December 2023

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A new way to experience the city is quietly emerging in Paris, combining the luxuries of a hotel with the groundings of an Airbnb.

Get to Know — Yona Kohen


Yona Kohen is an artist from Istanbul who makes jewellery that is an enchanting spectacle of her meticulous handcraft, creative expression, and raw sentimentality.

Things to Go See — Woven Histories at LACMA


An exciting exhibition which looks at the role textiles have played in modern abstraction over the past 100 years.  

Patter Playlist 22 — Use My Body


Our playlists are celebrations of important female artists, and selections of their music that feels good for right now.



Stylist Ianthe Wright steps into the changing room at Issey Miyake to explore the possibilities of this iconic design.

Beauty Practice with Kerrilynn Pamer


The founder of CAP Beauty, Kerrilynn Pamer has been exploring and investigating the power of plants since 2015. Patter spoke to her about beauty, books, life and - well - Patter.

Patter Places — Tuba Club, Marseille


Located at the entrance of the Marseille neighbourhood of Les Goudes, Tuba - French for ‘snorkel’ - is a small casual hotel that values the simple life.

A Moment with Jane Dillon


We spent an afternoon with Jane Dillon, chatting about her impressive career, working with Memphis founder Ettore Sottsass, and her transition from design to painting.

12 Useful Things — Recommendations for May 23


This month's list includes a pioneering skin toner that contains a natural precursor to serotonin, symbolic signet rings, spring dresses, and a gold star gut supplement with energising results.