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A Thank You Letter to Cold Water Swimming

Jan-2021 culture

Laura Bradley offers a personal account of the benefits of cold water swimming and some expert tips on how to start.

Things to Go-See — 3 Exhibitions that Cheer


With no fixed re-opening date for galleries, we bookmark three exhibitions recommended to lift your mood and wake your brain.

Details that Count — 6 Wine Glasses for All Occasions


A selection of everyday glassware refined enough for all of your dining moments.

Patter Playlist — 10


Our monthly playlist of important female artists and their songs for right now. Majja's majestic Bobby Womack sample is both soothing and progressive. Pseudonymous British collective SAULT are lovingly on repeat, their album (of the year) is well worth a moment of exploration.

Things to Note — Jil Sander for Uniqlo Autumn 2020


A desire for comfort, affordability and a renewed sense of energy is motoring our anticipation for the arrival of Jil Sander's new collection for Uniqlo. With an undisclosed but impending release date, we warm up for the release with six points to intrigue from her recent interview on Uniqlo's LifeWear magazine.

A Thank You Letter to Pyjamas


Lauren Cochrane on the power of pyjamas in 2020—and how to achieve stylish comfort without being too 'I've given up on life’.

Re-energise Your Home With Loewe’s New Earthy Scents


Loewe's thoughtful approach to candles honours craft, environment, and our connection to nature. A refreshing move away from single-use status candles and a surefire way to cleanse our hardworking homes.

Notes on Chloë Sevigny — 7 Ways to Celebrate Her Style Over the Years


Chloë Sevigny is a style icon for women who don’t really have style icons—here are seven ways to celebrate her style over the years.

Patter x Nalgene — Your Everyday Water Bottle


Introducing our small batch of Patter x Nalgene water bottles, created using the original 1970s Wide Mouth 1 Litre design. An essential everyday item, built to last a lifetime. All profits donated Mind—a charity for better mental health.