23 May 2024

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Shop Archive

A monthly selection of items to consider and details that count for dressing and living. All shop products are thoughtfully and honestly chosen by Patter for their usefulness, quality, beauty and longevity. On occasion, we hope to earn a little commission for our efforts, so we can continue to deliver quality content at no cost.

  • 01
    Byredo, Liquid Lipstick Matte, £40
  • 02
    Lemaire, Foulard T-Shirt,
  • 03
    Ikea, Silversida Plate, £8
  • 04
    Nike, Grind Bumper Plates, From $38
  • 05
    Tekla, Pyjama Shirt, £126
  • 06
    Toyo-Sasaki Tumbler, $110, 6 pack
  • 07
    A.P.C. Cosmos Organic Hand Soap, £40