30 May 2023

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10 Useful Things: Recommendations to Start Your Month


A new artist lunch spot, objects made to last, our decreasing ability to focus, shifting female ambition, and what Miuccia wore.

A Useful Recommendation with Fanny Singer


We talk to Fanny Singer about her beloved Walter water filter, and the joy and and nourishment it provides her and guests of her LA home.

Considered Cleaning with Kinfill


Home care brand Kinfill have created an optimistic approach to cleaning that is less harmful and more thoughtful. Their modern line of products are made from high quality biodegradable concentrates that can be diluted at home into an Italian-glass bottle.

A List of Useful Recommendations — January 2022


Our monthly list is designed to inspire and nurture at the moment you might need it. To begin the year we highlight a lively London trattoria, stackable storage and second hand denim from Paris.

Great Buys — Yuns


The average hardware store isn’t typical Patter territory. But, then, Yuns is not your typical hardware store.

Get to Know — Attis


Introducing Get to Know, a new Patter series dedicated to all good things on the rise. First up, sustainable tent company Attis.

A List of Useful Recommendations — June


A monthly list of ten ideas and recommendations, delivered first in our newsletter—designed to inspire and nurture our community at the moment you might need it.

Re-energise Your Home With Loewe’s New Earthy Scents


Loewe's thoughtful approach to candles honours craft, environment, and our connection to nature. A refreshing move away from single-use status candles and a surefire way to cleanse our hardworking homes.

Patter x Nalgene — Your Everyday Water Bottle


Introducing our small batch of Patter x Nalgene water bottles, created using the original 1970s Wide Mouth 1 Litre design. An essential everyday item, built to last a lifetime. All profits donated Mind—a charity for better mental health.