29 January 2023

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Details that Count — Small Storage Organisers

Michael Marriot Condiment Tray, Photograph by Nigel Robinson

How we keep the things we own determines the way we use our space, what it looks like, and the way it feels. Getting organised is a great excuse to cast a critical eye and edit out what isn’t working for you. We’ve started off small with five storage containers to artfully assemble your things.

1. Condiment Tray, £22 by Michael Marriot
2. Forc Kago Container, £75
3. Hay Small Recycled Colour Crate, £7
4. Syuro Rectangular Tin Can, £50
5. Elvo KBH Box, £23.75

1. Condiment Tray by Michael Marriot
2. Kago Container by Forc
4. Rectangular Tin Can by Syuro
5. Elvo KBH Box