19 June 2024

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Considered Cleaning with Kinfill

Kinfill, Multi Surface Starter Kit

Words by Patter

Home care brand Kinfill have created an optimistic approach to cleaning that is less harmful and more thoughtful. Their modern line of products are made from high quality biodegradable concentrates that can be diluted at home into an Italian-glass bottle.

Supermarket brands have long created the illusion of value by packaging up 90% water with their product, every millilitre of which has to be distributed, merchandised and transported. Kinfill are cutting out the waste, de-cluttering your utility cupboard and caring more for your home and the things in it.

"Modern care for those that care"

There are five wonderful scents to motivate your domestic chores. The nozzle spritzes with confidence, and each product is accompanied by a helpful glossary of compatible materials and surfaces. Kinfill have just launched a yoga mat and specialised kitchen cleaner, and have plans to expand their offering into body care and lifestyle products. If their limited edition tray by Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis is a taste of what’s to come, we’ll be eagerly decluttering our homes in anticipation.

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Kinfill, Full House Refills
Kinfill, Kitchen Cleaner
Sabine Marcelis, Limited Edition Tray for Kinfill. Via @sabine_marcelis