23 July 2024

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New Book — Dulwich Mid-Century Oasis

Photograph by Christopher Horwood, Courtesy of Dulwich Mid-Century Oasis

Words by Ellie Hay

This book pays tribute to Patter’s home ground, the mid century housing estates of South-East London. A weighty manual that maps the history of modern architecture in Dulwich, the value of good residential design and spirit of possibility.


"Good, sensible and non-flashy design that makes good homes and happy places to live...where families can flourish and individuals can find peace and stimulation."

After WW2 London was suffering from an aftermath of bombing — councils were under pressure to build in higher density than before. Dulwich Estate enlisted architectural practice Austin Vernon & Partners who then set out to ensure the new housing would deliver an appropriate quality for the future. The team of architects and landscape planners worked closely with house builder Wates — seeing their roles as fundamental to building Britain’s modern society.

There is a chapter of Dulwich Mid-Century Oasis that interviews families living in the estate today — ongoing customers of Austin Vernon & Partners’ remarkable vision. What stands out is a celebration of home, place, and community — leaving valuable lessons for house design and building today.

Dulwich Mid Century Oasis is available to purchase at Riba Books. Anyone local can organise collection from Chris Vernon.

Photograph by Christopher Horwood, Courtesy of Dulwich Mid Century Oasis
Photograph by Christopher Horwood, Home of Angus & Sarah Shepherd

Ellie Hay is the founder of Patter. A content agency and digital platform — specialising in the intersection of editorial thinking, art direction and ecommerce. Ellie has a background in trend forecasting and brand content, she has contributed to publications including the New York Times and AnOther magazine. @ellie___hay

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