30 November 2021

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Label to Love — Babett

All images courtesy of Babett

Words by Patter

Founded in 2019 by Julie Morille and Nanna Frimodt, Babett is a unisex brand which moves at slow pace, using vintage fabrics to craft one-of-a-kind pieces with minimum waste. Don’t expect fast paced ecommerce with daily drops of newness, Barbett isn’t looking for aggressive growth at whatever cost. The nature of their concept celebrates the thrill of discovery, inspiring modern dressing by reimagining what we’ve already got. With backgrounds in design and journalism, the Danish duo set out to create clothing that told a story — from the intrinsic sense of past in their fabrics, the handmade craftsmanship and the new wearer who gives the items a renewed existence.

Each piece is a celebration of the materials it is made of. Collected from all over the world, the fabrics had former lives before being shaped into workwear silhouettes — whether that be as table linens, deck chairs or dead stock. The seasonless utilitarian cuts are familiar, yet the one-of-a-kind textiles which pay homage to the beauty of Scandinavian aesthetics make the pieces feel distinctive and desirable — ‘something from Babett’, whenever it might arrive, ranks high on our wish list.

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