23 July 2024

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Patter x Nalgene — Your Everyday Water Bottle


Words by Patter

Introducing our small batch of Patter x Nalgene water bottles, created using the original 1970s Wide Mouth 1 Litre design. An essential everyday item, built to last a lifetime. All profits donated Mind—a charity for better mental health.

In the late 1940s in Rochester New York, chemist Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette jars as the Nalge Company—named after his wife’s initials Natalie Levey Goldberg. During the 1960s a rising trend in outdoor hiking and camping meant a subculture of scientists were taking their Nalge Company bottles out of the laboratory and into the wild as part of their kit. The inherent design characteristics of being leakproof and lightweight were positively contributing to reducing waste on trips. This unexpected usage gave the company the idea to launch Nalgene Outdoor—high-quality hiking and camping essentials designed for everyday use.

Each bottle is still made in Rochester New York and built with quality to last a lifetime. We based the Patter design on the original 1970’s Wide Mouth Bottle (an ideal cap dimension for ice cubes), with a clear glossy body and simple white top. Nalgene bottles are BPA/BPS free, dishwasher safe and leak proof.

Bottles are £22 + delivery, all pricing options are below. Any questions, speak to us at studio@patterlondon.com — we are happy to hear from you.

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