23 May 2024

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Make Life A Beach With Stüssy and Comme des Garçons

Stüssy CDG Parfums, Laguna Beach Scent

Words by Ben Perdue

There’s a lot to be said for the transportative power of scent. Travelling without moving has gone from meditative luxury to everyday necessity. Wearing fragrance rolls all that into one, a ritual already dedicated to enhancing your sense of self. So, if that fragrance is named after a place, like the Stüssy Laguna Beach collaboration with Comme des Garçons Parfums, it better take you there. And don’t worry, it does. But what you also get is a sensorial trip back in time to a calmer, pre-streetwear world where Shawn Stüssy led local surf culture, not his International Stüssy Tribe.

While a natural marine freshness, moss, and atlas cedar recreate the laidback Southern Californian mood of where Stüssy started out shaping surfboards as a teenager, the vibrant, organic punch of solar flowers that follows it is a reminder of the youthful energy and anti-mainstream attitude that grew into the Stüssy brand we know today. A vivid flashback to the coming together of urban West Coast hip hop, surf, skateboard and clubbing subcultures in the early 80s under that iconic logo born on the beach. If this is as close to the waves as we’re getting any time soon, we’ll take it.

Available at Stüssy chapter stores and online here, or from Dover Street Market and Comme des Garçons locations.


Ben Perdue is a London-based writer, editor and creative director. He has contributed to AnOther, LOVE, 032c, and Wallpaper, alongside working on special projects with brands as a creative consultant. @benperdue