29 January 2023

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Basic Considerations — 6 Adaptive Trench Coats for Autumn

A.P.C. Suzanne Koller, Interaction #12

Words by Patter

A good trench coat will intersect your everyday outfits from summer into autumn rather nicely. It will sustain a bare leg and Birkenstock as well as it holds down a hoodie and sneaker. In praise of such functionality–and unrivalled elegance–we present six of the latest options to renew your closet.

For autumn winter 2021/22 an oversized silhouette says progress. A capacious shape that delivers ease of movement and allows for soft layering. Soothing browns transition well from home to your local neighbourhood, park walk or work meeting spot. The trench is a consciencious piece that adapts to most environments. Consider altering your hem length at the tailors to neatly meet your body’s proportions—a little detail that pays off for a well balanced look.

Top to bottom
1. Studio Nicholson, Melotti Coat in Bay, £595
2. Uniqlo U, Trench Coat, £129.90
3. Kassl Editions, Coat Kimono Below, €895
4. Arket, Oversized Linen Blend Coat, £135
5. Arket Trench Coat, Cropped, £135
6. A.P.C. Suzanne Koller Interactions #12

1. Studio Nicholson, Melotti Coat
2. Uniqlo U, Trench Coat
3. Kassl Editions Kimono Below Coat
4. Arket, Oversized Linen Blend Coat
5. Arket, Trench Coat Cropped
A.P.C. Suzanne Koller, Interaction #12
A.P.C. Suzanne Koller, Interaction #12