23 July 2024

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A List of Useful Recommendations — June 2022


This month’s newsletter focused on mood enhancers with a list of beach towels, CBD balm, great reads, uplifting brows and more. Subscribe to receive the list delivered straight to your mailbox every month — it’s a great idea and we would be delighted to have you. 

1 — Picnics, post-swim drying or a bathroom refresh, Arket have a chic range of lightweight beach towels in soft Scandinavian stripes.

2 — Everlane’s swimwear collection offers style and support. We’ve already tested ours in the Mediterranean and can confirm a flattering fit that handles a wash.

3 — This Hay Yatzy kit is a classic game that travels well. Use (or gift) for summer evening’s and cognitive enhancement away from the scrolling screen.

4 — A natural brushed brow is the MVP of our daily beauty routine. Soap Brows  both thicken and lift for a more awake arch.

5 — Interior shop Stilleben make really chic shopping bags in headstock Danish fabrics that are ideal for everyday summer pursuits.

6 — Healthy snacks that satisfy a sweet tooth are quite a find. Date Better make chocolate covered dates with quality ingredients in 3 delectable flavours.

7 — Caps are really adding something extra to our mood this summer. Idea have a great range of satirical options, we opted for Yoga Helps.

8 — Joggy is a new CBD wellness company, brainchild of Outdoor Voices founder Ty Haney. Formulated to improve performance and browsable by feeling, from pre-activity (ready steady) to de-stress (joy stick).

9 — Rita’s have opened their private backyard table for the summer. A special opportunity to enjoy an intimate Soho space and tear and share bread in the best part of town.

10 — Ruth Rogers’ River Cafe has an online shop, great for gifts and indulgent treats, the quince paste is a great friend to a summer spread of cheese.

11 — You really have to try a Croc to understand how comfortable easy they are. This camouflage print pair is a favourite that we like to wear in sports mode (strap back).

12 — Help reach creative fulfilment with psychology read The Genius Zone: The Breakthrough Process to End Negative Thinking and Live in True Creativity by Dr. Gay Henricks.