19 June 2024

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12 Useful Things — Recommendations for May 23


by Ellie Hay

This month’s list includes a pioneering skin toner that contains a natural precursor to serotonin, symbolic signet rings, spring dresses, and a gold star gut supplement with energising results.

1. A refined Arket cotton dress to throw-on but feel put-together.

2. Seven days into a twelve week Symprove course, we felt energised with noticeably clearer skin — the high quality supplement restores your immune system, reduces inflammation and supports better mental health.

3. Alvar Aalto’s humble Stool 60 turns 90 this year, an elegant extra chair to have around, fit for a multitude of functions.

4. Ferian are masters of modern heirloom jewellery, their range of colourful signet rings bring together historical British craft with spiritual meaning.

5. The integrative Pole Bag from Issey Miyake has rigid parts that enable it to stand on its own, a helpful form based on the idea of a mountain tent.

6. Bottega Venetta’s aviator sunglasses are a basic but incredibly chic accessory, a classic frame that somehow feels new for now.

7. An off-beat alternative to your sweatshirt, Martine Rose delivers a Long Sleeve Oversized Top with playful proportions and bold colour.

8. Tensira make high-end household linen from West-Africa. Their best selling mattress toppers are perfect to use (and move) throughout the house and garden this summer.

9. Cap Beauty have launched a progressive toner to treat sensitive skin and forlorn souls. Sharply named Serotoner, this soothing mist is crafted from desert botanicals that deeply hydrate with a suncream-esq scent. The big idea though, is the inclusion of griffonia, a natural source of the feel-good hormone, serotonin — spritz liberally throughout the day!

10. A quiet colour revolution is upon us. This modern pink dress makes a punchy addition for sunnier days ahead.

11. This frequently sold out and brilliantly designed Muji cable tidy comes with surprises. Once your cables are swiftly organised, pull out the concealed drawer to stand your phone upright. Et voilà!

12. Chef Carter Were is one of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow, her dishes and decor share an inspired resourcefulness. She takes simple things and puts them together in a way that is confidently pared-back and always tasteful — find her latest recipes in the independently published manual Carter’s Cook Book 2.

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