03 December 2022

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Patter Playlist 14 — My Senses Are Tipped

Mazzy Star

We’ve been over-served on screen time, left grasping for tangible realities to recalibrate our neural senses. June’s playlist offers an audio experience away from the glare, with important female artists to retune us through a series of melodic sound waves.


Text Book — Lana Del Ray
Send Me — Tirzah
Move — Lynda Dawn
Human — A Brief Encounter
Falling In Love — System Olympia, P Nut
Stop It! — Keysha
No Kink in the Wire — Cosha
Control — Janel Jackson
I’m in Love – Caught up Version — Sha-Lor
Spring Affair – Live At Universal Amphitheatre Los Angeles/1978 — Donna Summer
Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops – 7″ Version — Cocteau Twins
Birthday — The Sugarcubes
Time After Time – Work in Progress Rough Mix — Cyndi Lauper
River Deep – Mountain High — Ike & Tina Turner
Blue Flower — Mazzy Star
A Place in the Sun — Marine Girls
The Flow — Erika de Casier
Open Eyes — Duendita
Mohabbat — Arooj Aftab
A Tale — Synagetic Voice Orchestra

Listen here