29 February 2024

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neoNutritions — For Whole, Radiant Health


by Laura Simone Bradley

An easy nutritional supplement that prioritises quality, ancient wisdom, and scientific rigour.

In our busy modern lives, we are increasingly drawn to simple systems offering support. Health can be particularly overwhelming. The neoNutritions offering – easy, once-a-day nutritional powder formulas – are highly appealing. Acknowledging the whole human being, as understood by the world’s oldest wisdom traditions (including anthroposophic, ayurvedic, and traditional Chinese medicine), and using quality 100% organic, whole-plant ingredients – the results are unique, high-vibrational* formulas.

neoNutritions is for anyone and everyone ready for change,” says founder Fee Steinvorth. Of course, change, and transformation takes time, and neoNutritions supports a more intentional, thoughtful, daily practice; more aligned with natural timelines (rather than making bold, instant fix promises). “We recommend taking for at least an entire moon cycle or month,” says Steinvorth. “The longer and more consistently you take them, the more benefits you will reap from their innate power. Committing to something good for your body, mind, and spirit has a cumulative effect. The adaptogens and other active ingredients in our formulas have an immediate impact, and this impact builds over some time. If you do something once, it is a nice experience. It acts as an add-on. If you do something for a week, you begin to maintain it; you allow it to get into your system. When you do something for a whole moon cycle, it becomes part of your routine.” The powder sachets are recommended as part of a morning routine with water, milks or smoothies.

“The biggest shift I’ve experienced is the increased energy. I rarely feel tired – even early mornings are easy now,” shares Steinvorth. “Another huge benefit is that I no longer have strong cravings at night. I used to eat lots of nuts and dark chocolate to calm my nervous system. Overall, I feel harmonious and balanced. There is a deep calm at my foundation that sets me up for a successful day and allows me a recovery that brings beautiful dreams at night.”

“The biggest shift I’ve experienced is the increased energy. I rarely feel tired – even early mornings are easy now.”
Fee Steinvorth

The concise neoNutritions range includes: Ultimate Foundation, to strengthen, balance, and harmonise the body, mind, and spirit; and Ultimate Beauty, to fortify, regenerate, and refresh. neoNutritions are currently working with a Swiss laboratory to create images that show physical evidence of the vibrational frequencies – a one of a kind, never before seen way of looking at supplements.

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Fee’s favourite daily practices

Biographical work; art practices; breath work; running; jumping in the ocean; running barefoot over the grass in the early morning; anything that connects me with nature; sunshine; sauna therapy; cold plunges; dry brushing; scalp massages.


Laura Simone Bradley is a London-based healing practitioner, writer and end of life doula. @laurasimonebradley