19 June 2024

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Details that Count — Grown up Hair Clips


Once a trinket reserved school girls’ pigtails or a practical item worn to keep hair out of your eyes, hair clips have graduated to become Proper Accessories. Think of the hair grip 2.0 as a way to add a garnish of charm and whimsy to a workday outfit without being cutesy, or a sprinkle of the unexpected – one that swiftly semaphores the wearer, doesn’t take life too seriously but also has a sense of sophistication. Here is a Patter-approved round-up of styles that walk that line.

Albia navy faux pearl hair clip
Albia navy faux pearl hair clip
HILLIER BARTLEY Crocodile-effect leather hair clip
HILLIER BARTLEY Crocodile-effect leather hair clip
Simone Rocha Chunky Baroque hair clip
Boots Tortoise Shell Snap Clip

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