29 January 2023

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Patter champions a life less cluttered and more thoughtful. We find beauty – and pleasure – in the everyday.


About Us


Who we are

We are a content agency and digital platform — our expertise intersects editorial, ecommerce and creative direction. We create and implement considered content strategies and creative concepts rooted in strategic digital thinking. We enable brands to engage and nurture their digital audiences in an interesting and memorable way. The result is better conversion, new customer acquisition and stronger brand positioning.

Founded by Ellie Hay in 2017, the extended Patter team are a close family of industry professionals who expertly adapt to the project at hand. This flexibility and diversity of skill channels our different creative operations and open spirit.


— Content Strategy
— Tone of Voice
— Art Direction
— Content Partnerships


— Aimé
— A.P.C.
— Bureau for Presence & Engagement/Visual Affairs
— Chanel Beauty
— The Design Museum
— Glossier
— London College of Fashion
— Powell Tuck Associates
— Sunspel
— Tekla
— The Clove Club
— &Daughter


For recent work write to us studio@patterlondon.com — we would be excited to hear from you.